Producing Your Short Film: Why It Should Be You

We're approaching Step 3 of 4 in Kathy Berardi's series of Short Film Workshops! Saturday, October 10th, from 12pm-3:30pm, join fellow filmmakers in all stages on their journeys from idea to completion. Read Kathy's thoughts on what makes you valuable as your own producer:

"If you’re a writer with sound organizational skills, you should seek out the opportunity to learn and lead and be one of the producers on the film as well. If you’re a lead actor or director whose name and reputation are riding on the film, you should definitely be involved in a key producing capacity on the film. If you’re strictly a well-organized, go-getter producer looking to deliver an amazing short film, partnering with talented writers, actors and directors is the key way to landing future positions and projects."

Kathy's led two successful, dynamic workshops already this fall, but you're not too late for the last two! Snatch this opportunity to learn from the best and advance your dream.

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