SATURDAY: Ready to Shoot Your Film? Learn the Fundamentals of Production from Film Master Linda Burns

"I read scripts, provide coverage and develop projects. I breakdown, budget, schedule, pitch, propose, close, negotiate, spend, reconcile, research, network, strategize, market, collaborate, consult, wheel, deal and deliver. I face challenges, solve puzzles and plan ahead. From script to screen, digital to film, union to non-union, large to small, I do it all! Always on time. Always on budget."

Whether you’re stepping up and producing your first film, production managing or ADing an indie, or looking to step up your game on the next one, this class is for you. From pre-production to post, this class walks you through the basics of production on an indie film.

Topics include but are not limited to: What should be completed before pre-production? What’s the first step of pre-production? What paperwork and contracts are necessary? What is a breakdown and schedule? How do I properly budget? How does product placement work? When should I consider a union contract? How do I find good cast and crew? Is insurance necessary? What kinds do I need? How do I keep the set safe? What’s involved with shooting on location? What are the priorities of production? How do I keep things moving on time and on budget? How do I track tax incentive spends? What are the daily priorities? What does post production entail?"

This Production Basics of Indie Filmmaking workshop is part of the Atlanta Film Festival's year-round slate of programming curated and presented to our Atlanta audience in service of our mission: to lead the community in creative and cultural discovery through the moving image. Linda's five-hour intensive will show you what it takes to bring your project to the next level. Admission is $150, but members receive a $30 discount!