Intro to Camera PA for Features, Television and Commercials


3 Hour Class - Limit 35 Students - 1:30p - 4:30p $50 for ATL Film 365 and GPP Members / $65 for Non-members

Interested in working in the camera department?  Want to be a DP someday?  The best way to learn is from the ground up starting as a Camera PA or Intern.  This class isn't about what camera to use or how to operate one.  We focus this workshop on teaching you terminology, protocol, tools of the trade, how to get and keep a job, and disposition needed to eventually work in the Camera Department as a Loader, 2nd AC, Focus Puller/1st AC, Camera Operator and/or Director of Photography.

Instructors: Max Junquera (The Proxy, Adidas, Fusian Brands); Hugh Braselton (The Three Stooges, Fast Five, Hall Pass, Due Date, Lottery Ticket, Killer, The Blind Side, Get Low, Into the Wild, My Super Psycho Sweet 16); Linda Burns (Producer).

Hollis Gillespie’s Shocking Real Life Workshop Space 327 Nelson Street STOREFRONT SUITE #313 Atlanta, GA 30313 FREE PARKING