Intro to Art PA for Features, TV, and Commercials


Intro to Art Dept PA for Features, Television and Commercials 3 Hour Class - Limit 35 Students - 10:00a - 1:00p $50 for ATL Film 365 and GPP Members / $65 for non-members Interested in dressing sets, making props, or coordinating for the art dept?  If so, you'll need to start as an Art Department PA or Intern.  Learn terminology, protocol, tools of the trade, what it's like to work as an Art PA, how to get and keep a job, what people hiring look for in an Art PA, and the disposition needed to work as an Art PA and eventually join the ranks of set dressers, art department coordinators, props assistants, designers, buyers, etc.

Instructors: Andy Rusk (The Odd Life of Timothy Green, The Greening of Whitney Brown, Hall Pass, The Lost Valentine, Mean Girls 2, Life as We Know It, The Crazies, Preacher’s Kid, Not Since You, Vampire Diaries, Get Low); Dwight Benjamin-Creel (Footloose, X-Men: First Class, Detroit 1-8-7, Lottery Ticket, Past Life, Zombieland, The Joneses, Van Wilder: Freshman Year, One Missed Call, We Are Marshall, House of Payne, Remember The Titans, Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius); Cedar Valentine (Joyful Noise, Fast and Furious 5, The Lottery Ticket, The Joneses, Marley & Me, John Adams: Mini-Series, One Missed Call, War of the Worlds, Beauty Shop, The Last Samuri); Nicole LeBlanc (The Blind Side, The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Zombieland, Tyler Perry Studios, Queen Sized); Linda Burns (Producer)

Hollis Gillespie’s Shocking Real Life Workshop Space 327 Nelson Street STOREFRONT SUITE #313 Atlanta, GA 30313 FREE PARKING