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Webinar: Short Film Secrets

Photo credit:  rpongsaj

Photo credit: rpongsaj

When you start making a short film, you soon realize there are hundreds of things you're expected to know to make that film successful. In this webinar, "Film Festival Secrets" author Chris Holland imparts his favorite secrets about the life of a short film from completion to festival run to distribution. You'll learn:

  • What festivals are looking for
  • How to make the most of festivals with your short once you get in
  • The distribution options for short films
  • How to use your short as a platform for building your career 

There will be time for questions at the end of the webinar.

After the webinar, participants will receive a copy of Chris' new ebook, The Better Film Festival Submission Toolkit, and Chris' personal list of 30+ high-value festival targets for short films.

All you need to attend is a web browser or iOS/Android device and a strong internet connection. Instructions on attending the webinar will be sent upon registration.