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The Marketing Imperative: Identifying and Reaching the Audience for Your Film

A sizable and passionately engaged audience for your film provides the proof that may tip the scale in your favor for a traditional distribution deal or could provide opportunities for raising additional funds from donation sites to help realize a self distribution plan. But it takes a  clear marketing strategy and plan to gather an audience. Many independent filmmakers still are not adequately prepared for the time, effort and money it will take to raise awareness for their films and lack the knowledge to utilize today’s digital tools to reach their audience.

The Film Collaborative and Atlanta Film Festival in cooperation with Slamdance Film Festival are committed to helping independent filmmakers be prepared for a successful film release by offering a one hour film marketing webinar. 

During the hour, filmmakers will learn:


-Identifying the audience of your film 

-Knowing the difference between a mass, a niche and a core audience 

-Researching where your film’s audience spends their time and how to approach them 


-Itemizing the elements of a marketing plan

-Items to include in a marketing budget

-Creating or collecting content elements to use on social channels and for distribution partners


-Creating your film’s website 

-Collecting email from your audience

-Using the main social media channels

-Using advertising and publicity as part of an integrated marketing effort


There will a 30 minute question and answer period following the formal presentation. The session may be attended by anyone with an internet connection, regardless of their location in the world.