SRIRACHA (the movie) gets a director's commentary - watch it now!

If you went to our “Food on Film” event at ATLFF 2014, you know the film that anchored the event was the documentary SRIRACHA, about the now-famous hot sauce in the green-capped bottle. For the film’s first anniversary, director Griffin Hammond (whom some of you got to meet) has released a director-commentary version of the film to YouTube. (The full version of the film itself is available for just $3 on Vimeo.)


Hammond is just one of the people whose travel expenses we were able to subsidize because of the contributions you made to last year’s Kickstarter campaign. Here’s a video featuring footage he took with a shoulder-mounted GoPro camera at the fest.

If you want to meet more people like Griffin Hammond at future editions of the Atlanta Film Festival, please consider joining our community of contributors on Kickstarter. Most reward levels include admission to the 2015 Festival and there are some great perks that will only be available during the fundraising campaign. Check it out.