Watch The First Two Episodes Of The Sundance TV Show Critics Are Begging You To See

Attendees of ATLFF 2013 will remember our sneak preview of the TV series Rectify, which was created by the multi-talented ATLFF alum Ray McKinnon and is produced in Georgia. McKinnon's Q&A following the screening of the Season 1 preview screening was one of the highlights of that year's fest.

We are delighted to show more love to this Sundance TV show (their first original series, says Wikipedia) by telling you about a special online preview of Season 2, which is now available on Sundance TV's web site. To watch the first two episodes, use these links.

Watch Season 2, Episode 1 (no password required)

Watch Season 2, Episode 2 (Use password: recs202)

Thanks to Sundance TV for sharing the super-secret password!

Rectify airs Thursdays at 9pm (8pm Central) on Sundance TV. Not watching yet? That's something you'll have to. . . you know.