Mountainfilm on Tour ATL Presents: 15 Tips for Green Apartment Living in Atlanta

We know what you’re thinking: why exactly is the Atlanta Film Festival telling me about green apartment living

Mountainfilm on Tour ATL is coming back, that’s why. And since we had such a great time helping this band of globally-conscious movie lovers throw a film bash last year, we thought we’d help get things rolling for 2014 with a quick plug for their new ebook. 

If you’re sensitive to the damage we humans have done to the planet and you've gone looking for ways you could live a more sustainable life, you might have noticed that a lot of “live greener” tips are things only homeowners can do. If you live in an apartment it’s a little hard to install solar panels or change out insulation. 

That’s where 15 Tips... comes in. This free ebook is aimed squarely at apartment dwellers (homeowners, you might learn a thing or two as well) and even has ideas about sustainable living in our fair city that you might not have encountered.

No more excuses, and no more reading this page. Go get your very own copy of 15 Tips for Green Apartment Living in Atlanta.