Congratulations Are in Order for ATLFF Screenplay Competition Alumni Pearse Lehane!


Two-time alumni ATLFF, Pearse Lehane, recently optioned his 2017 ATLFF Feature Screenplay Winner The Lean to a producer he met through the new screenwriting website Coverfly.

A London based writer, Lehane is a two-time winner, one-time finalist at ATLFF. He won for his feature screenplays Killbook in 2015 and The Lean in 2017, while placing as a pilot finalist in 2016 for Janus.

Lehane has found success at multiple screenwriting competitions including those run by Screencraft and WeScreenplay. This is the first screenplay he’s optioned through Coverfly. A screenplay hosting and competition platform, Coverfly serves as a place for screenplays to connect with producers (think black list but free) and a submission platform for many industry competitions. Screenplays hosted on the site can opt-in to a ranking system dependent on their performance in competitions and reviews from sites such as the Blacklist.

Thanks to wins at competitions like ours, The Lean is currently ranked second on Coverfly’s Red List. Producers on Coverfly can see the red list, download screenplays, and contact writers they’re interested in.

We look forward to receiving more works from Lehane in the future, and we wish him the best on his career venture! This is only the beginning.