ATLFF Alum Molly Coffee's KAYLEE AGE 8 is Coming!

Filmmaker-In-Residence and 2018 Screenplay Competition Semifinalist, Molly Coffee has come back to bring the world yet another impactful story coupled with amazing production design. Coffee needs you to help KAYLEE AGE 8 get the final push over the mountain of funding.   


In her short time on Earth, quiet autistic eight year old Kaylee’s entire world is just her and her mother. They play, they eat, they bathe, they love their own special way. Kaylee sees her mother as a beautiful mermaid, unlike any of the other human beings she encounters. One day, out of the blue, the real world comes crashing down when Kaylee’s mother dies. With no one left interested in taking care of her and not quite understanding what happened to change her life so drastically, she takes her life into her own hands and embarks on an odyssey with her mother’s ashes to release her into the river so she can become a true mermaid. Along the way, she meets a colorful cast of characters who help her truly understand how to cope with her mother’s death in her own unique way.