Connor Simpson wins the ATLFF '18 Filmmaker-to-Watch Award for KUDZU!


For the fifth year, our Generosity crowdfunding campaign backers have been given the opportunity to participate in a Backers Jury for a unique award. The Filmmaker-to-Watch Award is chosen out of a wide selection of short films from the 2018 ATLFF lineup. 

2018 Filmmaker-to-Watch Nominees

  • "Absent" | directed by Sudarshan Surehs
  • "After Her" | directed by Aly Migliori
  • "Brooklynn" | directed by Charlie Mysak
  • "Emergency" | directed by Carey Williams
  • "Kudzu" | directed by Connor Simpson
  • "Runner" | directed by Clare Cooney
  • "Sin Cielo" | directed by Jianna Maarten
  • "Souls of Totality" | directed by Richard Raymond

Congratulations to Connor Simpson, director of KUDZU for being chosen by our Backers Jury as the 2018 Atlanta Film Festival Filmmaker-to-Watch! KUDZU screens Saturday, April 14 at 9:45 PM at the Hilan Theatre as part of the "Year of the Carnivore" short film block!

Check out Connor Simpsons reaction! 

2018 ATLFF - Filmmaker-to-Watch (black).png

Kudzu directed by Connor Simpson, USA, 14:50
During a scorching summer in rural Alabama, a young boy wrestles with a deepening sense of remorse after the disappearance of his friend.

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