The House on Coco Road Will Be Available on Netflix June 30!

The House on Coco Road screened at the 2017 Atlanta Film Festival and we're proud to announce the film will be available on Netflix on June 30! Films are meant to grow and we're always humbled to have selected a film that is being given the opportunity to be shared on a well known platform. We hope The House on Coco Road leaves the same unforgettable impression on you that it has on us.

The House on Coco Road depicts the times and trials of Fannie Haughton, an activist and teacher who moves her children from Oakland, California to participate in the Grenada Revolution, unknowingly amidst a US military invasion. Her son's search for truth to confirm Fannie's place in American history is this beautifully painted homage to family, nationalism, freedom, and the dream of a better world. —Jamie Traner