Cinema Greens Grounds Host Southern Thriller

At the 40th ATLFF in April of this year, Cinema Greens—a film and television source for plant and location rentals and 2016 ATLFF sponsor—awarded a locations package to one lucky filmmaker. Tristan Kharvari won three shooting days on the extensive acreage and versatile Cinema Greens setting. 

"The Cinema Greens Prize propelled a novel project," says Tristan Kharvari, writer and director of THREE THINGS BEFORE I LEAVE. "Initially, I sought to alter a current script that would fit the Cinema Greens ranch. But after seeing it in person, I decided it would be fun to create a new story based on the location. The house has paranormal history associated with it, prompting me to write "Three Things Before I Leave." The isolated location, rustic vibe, and historic graveyard are perfect elements for a southern thriller. Not often does a crew of minority filmmakers get free range to create on grounds such as these."

The cast and crew begins filming on the Ranch October 7th. To find out more information about the project or how you can support Tristan and his vision, visit