Ask an Alum: Jiyoung Lee Yeah!

In anticipation of Friday's Late Deadline for 2017 ATLFF submissions, we've asked a handful of local alumni about their experience with Atlanta's film festival and creative influences. Jiyoung Lee's second feature, FEMALE PERVERT, screened as a GA-made New Mavericks selection in the 2015 festival. 

Read on for more on her ATLFF history preceding 2015, what she's working on now, and why she likes making movies despite being "not a particularly artsy person." Then submit your work(s) in any of twelve categories by 10/28 in effort to join the family and #BecomeAnAlum!

Q: How did you first hear about the Atlanta Film Festival?
A: I moved to Atlanta in 2007. In 2008, I participated in a 50 hour film festival, and I heard about the Atlanta Film Festival through the event.

Q: Why did you submit your films to ATLFF? 
A: It's a film festival with a long history. Many of its past participants have achieved success. And it's local. Traveling for film festivals can get pricey.

Q: What have your ATLFF screenings accomplished for you as a filmmaker and actress, if anything?
A: I first participated in the Atlanta Film Festival in 2011, as an actress in a feature called PLEASANT PEOPLE. Through the festival, I met the great Zach White (director of VACATION/WHITE REINDEER/LITTLE SISTER), and I got a small part in WHITE REINDEER through him. While hanging out in the WHITE REINDEER set, I met Alex Sablow, who would later be the DP in my second feature FEMALE PERVERT. Also, through the Atlanta Film Festival, I met Joshua Mikel, a great local actor/writer/director, who does a great job in FEMALE PERVERT.

Q: Okay, everyone's favorite question—what are you working on now?
A: I am currently in the last stages of writing a feature called DIRTY PANTIES. It may take a while to make the movie because I refuse to make it without a decent budget. I also just finished shooting a horror/comedy short. And, I'm currently hosting a streaming show called ASSEMBLY LINE YEAH! on

Q: What part of Atlanta (or place in Atlanta) serves as your most reliable or impactful arts incubator?
A: I'm not particularly an artsy person. I just like making movies and noise. I make things because I think it will be fun, interesting and pretty. I'm not a person trying to make an artistic statement. That being said, I think the Fox Theatre and the Plaza Theater are cool places to watch movies. Also, I like going to Videodrome. It's just fun to peruse movies and find forgotten classics which appeal to you. It's fun to watch bands at the Earl/529/Drunken Unicorn/The Masquerade. I'm not a fan of art galleries or video installations. I get bored easily.

Q: If you were an Atlanta neighborhood. which would you be? 
A: Druid Hills. I'm a recluse. I like being isolated. But I like being close to the amenities of the city. I also like pre-80s architecture.