Jen West Debuts Electric Campaign for First Feature

I love the thriller and horror genre because it allows us to go to those scary places buried deep within. As is evident in my short films Bubble and Little Cabbage, I also appreciate fantastical elements as story vehicles. I want to bring the viewer to a world that I created all on my own, full of the human experience that I’ve come to know first-hand. That’s all film really is… an intimate peek into someone else’s universe. You’ve officially been invited to be a part of Bleau’s story and universe.

We mentioned ATLFF alumnus Jen West ("Little Cabbage," ATLFF '15) most recently when announcing the local filmmakers selected for participation in the Atlanta Film Society's 2016 Airport Shorts program. Shortly before, "Crush" became a Film Festival Collective selection.

West's ongoing indie film reign steps into next level grandeur with the launch of a Seed & Spark campaign for her debut feature, "Electric Bleau." Every generation, the gift of a rare blue moon bestows biracial twins upon the Benoit family. Each pair of sisters inherits an unwanted yet irresistible harmonica cursed with the evil spirit of Josephine who is determined to find her long-lost babies from another time past. 

Thanks to Trey Jordan from Banjo Media, "Electric Bleau" has four days left in a $5,000 matching campaign. Perks range all the way from customized digital postcards to private screening invitations to film credit. This initial $28,500 will fund the developmental phase of an ultimate $1.8 million goal, but this will be the only crowdfunding opportunity. Join the team while you can: