ATLFF Filmmaker-in-Residence Darrell C. Hazelrig Needs Your Help (and Money!)

Darrell C. Hazelrig has been an Atlanta Film Festival alum for years, working on a variety of live action and puppetry features and short films, in various roles. In 2015, Hazelrig entered into the role of ATLFF Filmmaker-in-Residence and began prep work for his first feature film at the helm, "Edgor & Izzy (And Somewhere in the Middle is Me)."

"Edgor & Izzy (And Somewhere in the Middle is Me)" is an epic, cerebral, fantasy feature film—the long-lost love child of "8 1/2" and "The Wizard of Oz." Two cantankerous siblings, Edgor and Izzy, awake to find themselves trapped in the mythical Lonely Desert. As they try to solve the mysterious disappearance of their female companion, Rose, they encounter a multitude of strange characters who prove equal parts help and hindrance to their quest, all the while evading the relentless pursuit of Erebus, the dark-spirited madman who lusts for their destruction.

In the first three weeks of the campaign, 118 people have contributed, snagging some of the incredible perks offered! The goal is steep—$100,000—but possible. The good news is, IndieGoGo allows you to keep whatever you raise, unlike the all-or-nothing Kickstarter, so your money will 100% go towards getting "Edgor & Izzy" produced and on the big screen!

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