ATLFF '13 and '14 Alum Erik Mauck Needs Your Help to Make His Next Feature, "Dough!"

After playing the 2013 Atlanta Film Festival with documentary short film "See the Dirt," filmmaker Erik Mauck followed it up with a feature documentary, "The Road to Livingston," that was an official selection at ATLFF '14.  Now, Mauck is making a new narrative feature, "Dough," but needs help financing the post-production.

In "Dough," Adam is a man at a crossroads. He's turning thirty but still works delivering pizzas— the same job he held since he was a teenager. Outside of work, his activities of smoking pot and hanging out with friends have done little to inspire growth and maturity.  Although he has been able to amass many of the comforts of adulthood, including his own place, for the first time Adam questioning where his future is headed. But how do you grow up when you're already an adult? 

Erik Mauck, has been making film and video projects in Austin, Texas since 2003, including his two ATLFF officially selected films. He has received support from the Austin Film Society through the Texas Film Production Fund and his work has been broadcasted and screened around the world. "Dough" is expected to be completed by September and made available to the public this Fall.