ATLFF Filmmaker-in-Residence Brantly Watts Wants to Share "Birthday Cake" With You!

Brantly Jackson Watts, along with her husband and frequent filmmaking partner, Jon Watts, first came into the Atlanta Film Festival fold with their feature debut, "AKA Blondie," at ATLFF '12. Focusing on the Clermont Lounge's most famous dancer-poet-activist-author-celebrity, Anita Rae 'Blondie' Strange, that film became a local phenomenon and catapulted Brantly and Jon into positions as local film community leaders. Now in their second year as ATLFF Filmmakers-in-Residence, Brantly and Jon have been exceptionally busy in recent years. They both launched the Homespun Series in 2014, and Brantly has been a central figure in the birth of the New Mavericks program that launched early this year. 

Now, we are excited as Brantly prepares to make her first ever narrative film, "Birthday Cake."

Set in the deep south, Birdie marks the first anniversary of leaving her abusive lover, Donnie, with a ceremonial candle on a cake. As the evening unfurls, Birdie will be confronted by more than an aching heart in this Southern Gothic thriller. A haunting story of love, survival and the complexities found in relationships, this film examines modern domestic violence and abuse in a way that is seldom explored. Violence in relationships is often viewed with very clear moral distinction, without any gradations. "Birthday Cake" delves deeper into the issue to reveal the grey areas we often choose to ignore. An important film that promises to remain with viewers, "Birthday Cake" is as captivating as it is powerful.

The campaign was launched nine days ago and has already raised an incredible 86% of its $8,000 goal! However, stretch goals will be applied and the more money raised, the harder Brantly will work to make the film as perfect as possible! Check out the campaign and claim your perks now.

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