Christina Humphrey and Alyssa Armand Step Into New Roles as ATLFF Shorts Programmers

Alyssa Armand (left) and Christina Humphrey (right) have a gravely serious discussion... Probably about Film. Photo:  Portraits by Isadora

Alyssa Armand (left) and Christina Humphrey (right) have a gravely serious discussion... Probably about Film.
Photo: Portraits by Isadora

The Atlanta Film Festival is pleased to announce the expansion of our programming department, including new titles for two of our talented programmers. Christina Humphrey will now move into the role of Senior Shorts Programmer and Alyssa Armand will take the title of Shorts Programmer.

"I couldn't be any happier to work alongside Christina and Alyssa on ATLFF's female-led programming team. Their dedication to showcasing quality filmmaking and providing outlets and resources to filmmakers will allow these two to continue to expand on our already strong film program."
—Kristy Breneman, ATLFF Creative Director

Christina Humphrey began her ATLFF career in 2011 as an intern. Back then, ATLFF's offices were still housed in the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center. In 2012, she moved into the role of Shorts Programmer and has now overseen ATLFF's Oscar-eligible short film program for several years running. Christina graduated from the University of West Georgia with a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications and a Minor in Film. Currently, she is pursuing her Masters of Arts in Film Studies from Georgia State University. Having formerly worked as stage security for Lil Wayne, Christina now spends her off-hours as a part of Contraband Cinema and New Mavericks, swimming across lakes with board members, and as a contributing writer for Reel Georgia.

Alyssa Armand first joined the ATLFF family as a volunteer during the 2013 and 2014 festivals. In the fall of 2014, Alyssa began an internship with the festival before joining the staff as Assistant Programmer in January 2015. Alyssa initially attended Savannah College of Art and Design to study photography before transferring to Georgia State University, where she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Film & Video. Although she once slapped her own mother during a Candyland-induced rage, Alyssa insists her wild days are behind her and that her post-work activities mostly consist of binge-watching any-and-every television show ever produced.

Congratulations, Christina and Alyssa! We are grateful for your hard work.