Support these ATLFF Alumni through their Crowdfunding Campaigns!

One of our favorite things about hosting an annual film festival is keeping up with the filmmakers that grace us with their beautiful work! Help these filmmakers from ATLFF '14 and '15 continue their projects or start new ones! 

Italian filmmaker Vincenzo Cosentino lit up Atlanta during ATLFF '14. He wants to take his film, "Handy," into cinemas everywhere. Jared Callahan, who lives in Atlanta, won all of us over at ATLFF '15 with "Janey Makes a Play." He is raising money for distribution and to put finishing touches on the film. Short filmmakers Daniel Moshel (ATLFF '14) and Brian Lonano (ATLFF '14 and '15) are looking to raise funds for their next projects!

Vincenzo Cosentino
"Handy" (ATLFF '14)

Vincenzo Cosentino is an Italian filmmaker hailing from Sicily who completed his first, self-produced feature film named "Handy," starring Franco Nero. Now, he needs our helping hand. A goal of $30,000 dollars will allow him to release the movie in cinemas. He wants to bring a new and fresh image of Italy with this movie, and to bring people together.

Jared Callahan
"Janey Makes a Play" (ATLFF '15)

"Janey Makes a Play" follows a dynamic 90-year-old playwright as she produces and directs her new original community theatre production for the small town in which she lives. They already hit their goal of $12,000 with 11 days to go so they have moved on to stretch goals! This project, and the needs listed in the video (licensing fees, insurance, festival costs, publicity, etc.) actually cost more than the first goal of 12K. Your contributions will still help cover the finishing costs of the movie AND the filmmakers will support students from Rio Vista pursuing the arts. If they hit $20,000, they can travel to festivals and send the director to a national conference for drama teachers for promotion. If they hit $30,000, they can release this current director's cut of the movie, including every archival clip and song. 

Daniel Moshel
"MeTube" (ATLFF '14)

Daniel Moshel's first short, "MeTube" was a viral sensation (not the kind you report to the doctor) and has reached over 1.6 Million Views on YouTube!  It was an homage to all the amazingly silly and talented people that create videos from their living rooms every single day around the world. "MeTube 2" is all set to be bigger, bolder and better than the first! This time, they've got an opera house on our side—the Bayerische Staatsoper!

Brian Lonano
"Welcome to Dignity Pastures" (ATLFF '14), "CROW HAND!!!" (ATLFF '15)

"Gwilliam" will be Brian Lonano's tenth short film, all of which are low budget and use practical effects like miniatures, puppets and fake blood.  "Gwilliam" will test your stomach's endurance and challenge your sexual functioning for weeks after viewing.  What could be so disturbing you ask?  Let's just say that it's a love story.  A terrible, terrible love story between man and goblin (that's right, I said goblin) that will leave you shaking your head in disgust and laughing at the same time.