#FestivalCollective Filmmaker Spotlight: Jack Fields, "Happy Memories"

Filmmaker Jack Fields's unique, puppetry-influenced filmmaking style is as fascinating as it is eccentric. His debut film, "Happy Memories," follows a cupcake on its journey through a dangerous realm. Psychedelic, intricate, and eye-catching; "Happy Memories" takes the viewer on a wonderfully outlandish trip that surely inspires the imagination. The film played in over 15 film festivals, including as an official selection of the 2014 Indie Grits Festival. 

Jack Fields has been creating puppetry since 2007. His success with this medium is readily apparent as shown through his accumulation of two United Arts of Central Florida grants, both for the creation of his puppet films (including "Happy Memories"). Fields has earned other accolades as well, including the PuppetFest Midwest scholarship and the UNIMA scholarship. 

Fields is currently based in Orlando, Florida where he works at There's a Thing in There, a puppetry production company. There, Fields creates projects with fellow puppeteer-filmmakers Hannah Millers and John Regan. The company specializes in non-traditional storytelling through narratives inspired by both mythology and the subconscious. 

What's next for this unconventional filmmaker? Fields is currently in the works on a new film about Albert Einstein's brain building a body out of discarded corpses and going on a journey of self discovery. But for now, watch Fields's trailer for "Happy Memories" below and check out his website for more outstanding works.