Thursday's Creative Conference: Casting Call + More

Screenwriting Day, Puppetry Day, and Free Demo Day are behind us, but we're not done! Join us tomorrow at 7 Stages for Fever Pitch: An Open Casting CallI Want My MTV, and Scoring on A Budget.

Eventbrite - Fever Pitch: An Open Casting Call

Filmmakers and casting agents would be wise to attend the Open Casting Call from 11am to 12:30pm on the Main Stage; over 50 hopefuls have signed up to pitch their acting talent! Carrie Anne Hunt, actress and Co-Chair of the Atlanta SAG-AFTRA Indie Outreach Committee will host and moderate the event.

Eventbrite - I Want My MTV

Then from 1:30-2:30pm, visiting filmmakers will show one-and-a-half to two minute clip reels showcasing excerpts from three music videos they’ve created in I Want My MTV. After the panelists hit play, attendees momentarily rock out before said panelist waxes poetically on the pleasures and/or challenges of each project. ATLFF alumnus and editor Tom Roche will moderate.

Eventbrite - Scoring On a Budget

Finally, learn how to create a cohesive sound for your film, choose a composer, license songs, and the best practice for film scoring when you don't have money to burn. From 3-4pm, Film Composer Paul Mercer and Sound Designer Bruce Bennett will discuss how to score a film on a budget.