Monday's Creative Conference: A Screenwriter's Dream

The Creative Conference is a series of mostly FREE panel discussions, DIY presentations, and informational workshops presented by our Educational Director and his participating panelists! Each weekday morning, March 23rd through March 27th, 7 Stages theatre will host curated themes. Come out Monday morning to participate in Invading Hollywood: Breaking into the Industry for Screenwriting, What's the Plan, Stan: The Logistics of Screenwriting, Screenplay Pitch-o-Rama, and Student to Professional: Navigating Your Way into the Creative Industry. 

Break into the screenwriting industry from 10-11am! This FREE panel discussion will cover topics such as finding an agent, shopping your script around, and what to do with your script once it's written and polished. 
Panelists: Chris Kelly, Robin Henry, Dan Bush 
Moderator: Denise Hendricks

Want to write a screenplay but don’t know where to start? Figure out the logistics of screenwriting from 11:30-12:30pm! This FREE panel discussion will offer insight on developing a practical timeline for your future screenplay.
Panelists: Brian Egeston, Todd Brock, Lanre Olabisi        
Moderator: Denise Hendricks

In Pitch-o-Rama, screenwriters who have signed up will have 90 seconds between 1:00pm and 2:30pm to pitch their screenplays to an audience and a panel of professionals who will then vote for the three films they'd like to see—the three screenplays that are most effectively “pitched." Winners will receive complimentary passes to Michael Lucker’s next Screenwriters’ School. 
Judges: Michael Lucker, Ken Lemm, Corey Prince, Frank Hall Green        
Moderator: Denise Hendricks    


When career path options seem infinite, transitioning from Student to Professional can be intimidating. Whether interested in production, post-production, freelance, full-time, or something in between, this FREE panel can help with these important decisions. Curated by Tube (, this panel consists of three industry veterans who can offer insight and tips for resumes, portfolios and best practices for applying for work in the creative industry. Check it out from 3-4pm!

Featuring Chris Downs from Tube