ATLFF Filmmaker Jennifer Harlow Answers the Mix-and-Match Questionnaire

Complete this sentence: "If you liked _________ or _________, you'll love my film."

If you liked Rosemary's Baby or Persona, you'll like my film. At least those are the comparisons I've gotten. 

Is your film for cat people or dog people? Why?

As a dog person, I reluctantly say cat people. It's just doesn't wag it's tail much, this film. 

What's the most challenging part of making a film for you? Do you enjoy the challenge or is it something to be avoided?

Lots and lots of verbal communication. I prefer to write or type than talk.It's more precise. Alas, that can't fly on a film set, or in the editing room. It's a good challenge. 

Of the filmmakers working today, whose talent do you want to steal?

One of the Duplass brothers. I love those guys, and they are just so darn good, and so darn successful.

Name three films you consider unappreciated and explain their hidden genius.

It seems like a lot of horror/genre films are underrated...Maybe because many are made without regard for quality filmmaking or storytelling, the really beautiful and amazing ones are lumped in with the bad ones? Pan's Labyrinth comes to mind.

What are your three favorite ways to eat potatoes?

I'm a potato purist. No fancy flavorings. Mashed with cream, butter and salt. Plain potato chips. A good french fry, like Pomme Frites in New York.

Jennifer's film, "The Sideways Light," screens TONIGHT, Saturday March 21st at 9:30pm at The Plaza Theatre! There are still tickets available!