Screenwriters' Retreat Participants Announced!

Without further adieu, the Atlanta Film Festival is pleased to present the winners of our 2015 Screenplay Competition:

"The Veil" —Andrea Feist Stein, New Jersey

The wife of a murdered Mideast peace negotiator is chosen to represent the terrorist who has been arrested for the crime.

"Killbook" —Pearse Lehane, England

A teenager’s life is shattered when he inadvertently agrees to a “murder swap” on a dark-net website. When his worst enemy is shot to death he realizes he will be next to die unless he carries out his half of the bargain and becomes a murderer himself.

"When the Devil's Loose" —Ben Watts, California

In the summer of 1988, four young friends set out to discover the truth behind mysterious happenings as an ever-spreading wildfire threatens to wipe out their small suburban community.

Serenbe Inn pavilion

Serenbe Inn pavilion

Andrea, Pearse, and Ben have each won a spot in our 2015 Screenwriters' Retreat! Hosted by the beautiful Serenbe Inn just outside of Atlanta, our three winners will be whisked away from the Festival for a chance to polish their screenplays with guidance from three hand-selected mentors. Lanre OlabisiMichael Luckerand Robin Henry will provide a varied and experienced perspective to our winning screenwriters before returning with them to the Festival just in time for the World Premiere of Lanre's latest feature and ATLFF competition film, "Somewhere in the Middle."

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to all who submitted their work to our 2015 Screenplay Competition!