This Weekend! Michael Lucker is Here to Guide You and Your Screenplay

A word, a sentence, a paragraph, a story; how does one turn it into a screenplay? At this weekend's Screenwriter School, the talented Michael Lucker— in association with the Atlanta Film Society and Emory University—shapes talent in a two-day workshop, covering all aspects of the craft of screenwriting.

From the shortest 30-second commercials to narrative feature films, the seasoned Lucker—known for his work with Paramount, Disney, Dreamworks, Fox, and Universal—teaches students what is needed to make it in the film industry. Lucker's titles include “Vampire in Brooklyn,” “Home on the Range,” and Academy Award-nominated “Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron.”

Through the two 7-hour workshops, Lucker starts students off with the initial idea, taking them step-by-step through to the first sale, aided with his own personal experience. Not only will participants learn how to generate screenplays in a professional environment, Lucker promises a weekend of creativity and fun, providing an outlet for questions and discussion.

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