Lights, Camera & Action with Kathy Berardi

So you want to make a short film. You've written the story and learned what it takes to produce—now it's time to champion the power of a collaborative effort! 

Kathy Berardi's workshop series grand finale is this Saturday at the Lovett School from 12-3:30pm. This class will give guidance regarding how to effectively work with a film’s director in a collaborative effort, and how to be selective about the projects you work on depending on the director’s attitude, openness to total team involvement, and commitment to completing a high-quality film. Specifically, attendees of class #4 will learn the following steps it takes to successfully direct a short film:

➤ Important directing decisions and preparations to make ahead of starting a short film

➤ How to recruit and select key creative team members who will deliver on the vision you intend for your film

➤ When to be strategic and practical; and when to set boundaries to allow for artistic and visual creative time in every phase of the production

➤ When and how to take constructive feedback from team members and outside, credible sources for the ultimate benefit of the short film

➤ How to balance artistic vision with budgetary limitations

This workshop is only $50; ATLFF Members get 20% off! 

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