Watch ATLFF '14 Short CRYSTAL on Vimeo Now

A hot pink sports bra and slicked back ponytail never looked so good.

Chell Stephen gave us “Crystal” at ATLFF ’14, and now the film has been released online.  This pleasingly bold character study follows Stephen’s edgy seventeen-year-old sister, Crystal, in her pursuit to become a pop star. A girl with no tolerance for those whose dreams aren’t quite as big as her own, Crystal gives the middle finger to rural Ontario and finds an escape in her passion for dance.  

Chell Stephen has been directing commercials, music videos and short films with Brooklyn-based creative collective, Think/Feel, since 2007.

This week the film premiered on Film Shortage as a Daily Short Pick. Now free on Vimeo, you can get 16 minutes of Crystal in your face, in the best way possible.