Watch ATLFF '14 Selection CONFUSION THROUGH SAND on Vimeo Now!

"Confusion Through Sand" was one of the animated competition selections from ATLFF '14. The film comes from ornana, a studio founded by native Georgians Danny Madden (director and animator of the film) and Benjamin Wiessner (producer). "Confusion Through Sand" follows a nineteen-year-old who finds himself alone in a hostile desert, scared as hell and trained to react.

Before "Confusion Through Sand," the guys from ornana had another film play ATLFF. "Euphonia," a strikingly original and expertly crafted low-budget narrative feature about an obsessive sound collector.

This week, "Confusion Through Sand" premiered on PBS as part of ITVS' Independent Lens series. Now, the filmmakers are offering it up on Vimeo free of charge! Already a Staff Pick there, this is not one that you want to miss. A far cry from traditional animation, the film was hand drawn entirely on recycled paper. Check it out!