Do you have a screenplay? The Sessions is looking to help you make your next project

Originally launched almost ten years ago and re-established earlier this year, The Sessions is our six-month long intensive workshop dedicated to honing the skills of local filmmakers. The fundamentals are all covered, and the program operates through various assignments, labs, lectures and screenings.

The Sessions is getting ready to launch again and is looking for applicants!

The workshop will consist of two three-month sections.  The first half is designed to establish a working relationship with other artists and to experiment with alternate storytelling ideas for the scripts brought in. Each script has four people attached to it, but for the first three months, everyone will be scrambled allowing each member to work on the other scripts and with most other individuals in the workshop. After the first three months of splitting up and fine-tuning all of the different scripts, the original groups will re-team and begin work on their films.

Each participant will be responsible for the cost of the workshop which is $125 plus a $125 deposit, for a total of $250 for the six month work shop. However, at the end of the workshop, everyone that has completed the project by attending 3 of 4 lectures, 3 of 4 labs and doing 3 of 4 quarterly assignments will receive their $125 deposit back. Those who have not completed the workshop will forfeit their deposit.