Complete Music Video Lineup

"Atlantis 1997"

"Atlantis 1997"

In addition to over 50 feature films, 11 short film blocks and over a dozen special presentations, the Atlanta Film Festival is also home to a highly buzzed music video competition. Showcased mostly at our special event The Goat Farm Arts Center Presents SOUND + VISION, nearly two dozen music videos will be seen and enjoyed by a wide audience as they compete for the Grand Jury Prize.

Attached to Features

  • Metube - Daniel Moshel – USA - 2:00
    Paying tribute to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers, George Bizet’s “Habanera” from “Carmen” has been reinterpreted by oratorio tenor August Schram and enhanced with electronic sounds . 

The Goat Farm Arts Center Presents SOUND + VISION - Experimental Film Block

  • Forrest Swords - 'Thor's Stone' - Dave Ma – USA – 4:00
    An intense metamorphosis occurs as a man awakens on a dark empty street and struggles to gain working control of his body in order to get home.
  • Go Softly - Josh Yoder – USA – 31:00
    A little girl and her doll mysteriously wake up in the middle of an otherworldly autumn woods. The two travel through this foreign place encountering some alien—often grotesque—characters along the way. *Experimental Short Film, Not a Music Video
  • y2o - Dominique T. Skoltz – Canada – 29:00
    “y2o” navigates troubled water, between suffocation and exaltation, between consummation and relinquishment, between yes and no, from both under the ski and on its surface. *Experimental Short Film, Not a Music Video
  • His Eyes Are Closed - Kathleen Lee - Australia – 5:00
    A visual exploration of the day to day human tendency to continuously strive for goals that are often unattainable and unneeded.

Music Video Competition

  • “Lesson #16 For Beatmaster V/Fun”
    performed by Deathcrush, directed by Kenneth Karlstad
  • “Atlantis 1997”
    performed by Futurecop, directed by Ariel Belziti
  •  “Luma”
    performed by Man Ray Sky, directed by Andrew Sowerby
  • “Hallucination Generation”
    performed by Biters, directed by Video Rahim
  • “Separated”
    performed by Stan Lee Cole, directed  by Mark Borgions
  • “Stop ou Encore”
    performed by Plastic Bertrand, directed by Georgia Fu
  • “Plans”
    performed by Dead!Wait?, directed by John Henderson
  • “Broken Doll”
    performed by Tesla Boy, directed by Darya Zhuk
  • “Run Away”
    performed by Sandra Kolstad, directed by Yenni Lee
  • “His Eyes Are Closed”
    performed by Kathleen Marylee, directed by Kathleen Marylee
  • “Don't Let Me Go (She Ain't Mad)”
    performed by Ruckazoid, directed by Alexander Dueckminos
  • “Switzerland”
    performed by The Dewars, directed by Brady Bigakle
  • “Melt”
    performed by KAMP!, directed by Tomasz Wlazinski
  • “Putin Lights Up The Fires”
    performed by Pussy Riot, directed by Erik Boccio
  • “Kings”
    performed by CoastGaard, directed by Frank Jerky
  • “Us”
    performed by Movement, directed by Dave Ma
  • "Shadow Braid"
    performed by Del Vinicci, directed by Ian Cone
  • "Synced"
    performed by Deadnote, directed by Rupert Hoeller & Bernhard Wenger