Mix-n-Match Intervew: Juli Jackson, Director of "45RPM"



Is this your first trip to Atlanta? Tell us what your preconceived notions of the city are, and where they came from. What non-festival aspect of the city are you most looking forward to? What places/food/experiences have you heard about that you know you have to try?
The non-festival activity I will not miss on my trip to Atlanta is the Georgia Aquarium. I love all things aquatic. I think in another life I was probably a cephlapod of some sort or maybe my true calling was a marine biologist and somehow I ended up as a filmmaker instead. I will definitely not pass on the chance to stare at rays, sharks, and anemones during my trip and will gather up any other willing filmmakers to go too. So definitely the aquarium and  I have a wishlist of record stores I will be making the rounds to. That is the best part of traveling for me - new record stores!
Here's my current list. Am I missing anything?

  • Criminal Records
  • Fantasyland
  • Wax N Facts
  • Full Moon Records
  • Feed Your Head
  • Reactionary Records
  • Wuxtry Records

What's the most challenging part of making a film for you? Do you enjoy that challenge, or is its something to be avoided?
The most challenging part of making a film for me is producing. All aspects. Getting money, making the money do special tricks like make you more money or not go flying out the window. Also dealing with people about non-creative matters, negotiating, etc. I find it very difficult and exhausting. I only produced my film myself out of necessity. If I ever manage to find a producer I like working with I will attach myself like a barnacle and never leave.

Of the filmmakers working today, whose talent do you most want to steal?
If only this were really possible... Werner Herzog's obvious nerves ofsteel and dry humor, Wes Anderson's attention to detail, and AlbertMaysles's ability to connect with people in a face to face conversation.

Describe the moment when you knew you making movies was what you wanted to do.
I was in high school and my best friends and I would have "indie movie nights" and watch any semi-underground, unknown, non-Hollywood film we could manage to get from the local Hollywood Video store in rural Arkansas. Pickings were slim, I can tell you. But watching movies outside the mainstream in which real people - not stars, not studios - made the film come together really inspired me to pick up a camera.

What are your three favorite ways to eat potatoes
Do you ask this question because potatoes are going to feature prominently at the festival parties? I hope so. #1 - fat steak fries with an obscene amount of glass-bottled Heinz ketchup. #2 - Baked sweet potato topped with greek yogurt. #3 - Red potatoes oven roasted with root vegetables and fresh herbs.

What's your favorite dinosaur?
I'm a fan of all the marine reptiles of that time even though they are not exactly considered true "dinosaurs." The Psephoderma was like agiant cross between a turtle and a horseshoe crab! He wins for weirdness.

45RPM screens Tuesday, April 1 at 7:15 PM at The Plaza Theatre.