Mix-n-Match Interview: Comedy Shorts Filmmakers

Filmmakers participating in ATLFF 2014 were asked to select from a number of possible interview questions and answer them as truthfully-yet-entertainingly as possible.



Producer and Actress Tijuana Ricks on... "Human Resources: Sicks Days Aren't A Game"

Complete this sentence: "If you liked _, you'll like my film." Explain why.
Office Space. Like Office Space, we take a peek at the darker side of office politics. We've all worked in those offices where the hierarchy is clear. Bosses can be terrifying but you also totally want to be that.

Is your film for dog people or cat people? Why?
Dog people, for sure. The main characters, Kendra and Perry, are like a bulldog and shih-tzu. Both cuddly and dangerous in their own way. Watch and you will see what I mean.

What's the most challenging part of making a film for you? Do you enjoy that challenge, or is its something to be avoided?
This is my first short I've produced! I now know that we produced this film in a stupid quick turnaround. From idea to editing it was about a month. Calling in every favor I could think of to get awesome locations that fit the script was definitely the most challenging. Luckily, I have great friends who work in fly places! :) Working with Jeff and Ken was a ball though. I'm ready to dive in and do it again.

Of the filmmakers working today, whose talent do you most want to steal?
Cary Joji Fukunaga. His work on True Detective was SICK! I want to crawl into his brain. I want to steal his talent and I want to hang out with him. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he does next.

Describe the moment when you knew you making movies was what you wanted to do.
Sitting in my second meeting with Ken and Jeff, knocking out ideas for the short. It was exciting and I couldn't wait to see our baby grow. Not long after we finished production, I was hatching followups. Totally hooked.

What are your three favorite ways to eat potatoes, and what's your favorite dinosaur?
French fries, scalloped with bacon, cheesy, creamy goodness and garlic mashed. T-Rex. Freakin' fierce and one of my favorite nicknames. ;)

Writer-Directors Rex New & Thia Schuessler (also Actress) on... "Housesitter"

Complete this sentence: "*If you liked INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, you'll like my film."
Because it's a character study that walks the line between comedy and drama--and it features several cats.

Is your film for dog people or cat people? Why?
CAT PEOPLE! It features 6 cats who actually live in the house where we shot the film.

Of the filmmakers working today, whose talent do you most want to steal?
Rex: David O. Russell, Alexander Payne, Paolo Sorrentino, and Errol Morris.
Thia: Duplass Brothers, Coen Brothers, Jeff Nichols

Comedy Shorts plays Saturday, March 29 at 12:15 PM at the 7 Stages Theatre.