Mix-n-Match Interview: Vincenzo Cosentino, director of "Handy"

Vincenzo Cosentino

Vincenzo Cosentino

Filmmakers participating in ATLFF 2014 were asked to select from a number of possible interview questions and answer them as truthfully-yet-entertainingly as possible. This is the first in the series; we'll post the rest throughout the next two weeks. 

Vincenzo Cosentino, director of Handy, has instructions on how best to enjoy his work.

Complete this sentence: "If you liked _________, you'll like my film." 

If you like movies like "Big Fish", "Into The Wild," and "Despicable Me" and if you get drunk before the screening you will love my film "Handy."

Is your film for dog people or cat people? 

My film is for everyone who has a pair of hands, who has just one hand, who has no hands but still remember how they look like.....but please, don't make the mistake of thinking that the ENTIRE movie is about hands, there are a lot of real human/actors too (and Franco Nero)!!!

What’s the most challenging part of making a film for you? Do you enjoy that challenge, or is its something to be avoided?

I made my feature film "Handy" with no funds at all. This was the most challenging part because I had to do quite everything by myself over the course of 4 years struggle. I did the writing, directing, editing, visual effects, photography, costumes, set design . . . you name it. I had to do it this way because I could no afford to pay professionals in order to help me out. Is it something to be avoided? For sure (if you want to have a normal life and dating girls). 

Of the filmmakers working today, whose talent do you most want to steal? 

Everyone has his own style, I respect everyone but I don't like "stealing". :-)

Describe the moment when you knew you making movies was what you wanted to do.

When I understood that people wanted to see something new. I wanted to create new kind of stories, giving something unique to the audience. "Handy" sums my desire.

What are your three favorite ways to eat potatoes, and what’s your favorite dinosaur?

See? the guy who made this last question is already drunk and ready to watch my film! lol Ciao!!!

Handy plays Saturday, March 29 at 2:15 PM at the 7 Stages Theatre.