Announcing the Next PA Academy

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Georgia Production Partnership in association with Atlanta Film Festival 365 and Production Consultants & Equipment are proud to present The PA Academy, with craft services sponsored by Cort Office Furniture Rental.

The PA Academy - Two 12 hour days / $150 non-members / $120 members of GPP and ATLFF365
March 22nd & 23rd, 2014 from 8:00am - 8:00pm
(Lunch provided)
Location: PC&E Space is limited.
Registration open until March 20th at 5pm.

This two day Production Assistant bootcamp-style workshop is perfect for those just starting their career as a PA as well as those looking to advance their knowledge of what it takes to succeed as an office or on set production assistant working on commercials, industrials, music videos, independent films, television series and studio features. Training includes but is not limited to production terminology and paperwork, film crew titles and job descriptions, set etiquette - do's and don'ts, how a typical day proceeds, locking up the set, setting background, and walkie protocol, terminology and sign out. We discuss must have PA gear and kits, and provide hands-on equipment training, resume tips and where to find experience as well as paid work. Learn how successful office and set PAs as well as assistant directors got into the business, what they look for when they hire PAs, their tips for success, and what their pet peeves are. This bootcamp tries to simulate a typical day on set to prepare new PAs for their first job, and more experienced PAs the knowledge and training they need to up their skills and compete in the fast paced and growing Georgia film industry.

Instructor: Producer Linda Burns runs the Academy with the help of Georgia's best DGA AD's and Office and Set PAs working full-time in the industry. For questions regarding this workshop, contact Linda at with PA ACADEMY in the subject line.

Registrations may be purchased through Eventbrite.


I have never attended a workshop that was more thorough and comprehensive. Your sharing of your knowledge and experience was invaluable. Each speaker brought another facet of the movie business into focus. I learned more about the industry and movie making process in two days than in years of research. - Kim

I just want to say thank you for a very informative and exciting PA Academy. I really appreciate you and your guests for giving me a better understanding about being a PA and how the film production process works. Your candor and honestly made me laugh and help me forget about the discomfort in my knees (from all that standing). - Nathan

I find being on set is a lot of hard work and always long hours but I genuinely enjoy myself every single time. The PA Academy was an invaluable stepping stone for me so, a million times, thank you. - Krystle

I've worked four jobs now in the office and on-set and I am IN LOVE with PA work and production life in general. Every time I set foot on-set PA's with more experience than me are asking questions and looking to me to take the lead because of all the knowledge and materials you gave us! Everyone on the crew is always shocked at how green I actually am. I cannot thank you enough for this head start, I finally found my niche in this world and can't wait to see where I end up! - Lauren

Linda Burns


Line Producer

Production Supervisor

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