Opening and Closing Night Films Announced


The 38th Annual Atlanta Film Festival will open with the feature film "Joe," starring Nicolas Cage.  This film from Roadside Attractions is centered on Nicolas Cage, who plays the titular role of Joe, an ex-con and unlikely role model, who meets a 15-year-old boy (Tye Sheridan) and is faced with the choice of redemption or ruin. "Joe" is directed by David Gordon Green, director/producer of television’s “Eastbound and Down” and cult classic films "Pineapple Express" and "All the Real Girls."  Gordon Green will be a making an appearance at the festival alongside opening night.


Closing out this year’s fest is "The Double," a stylish black comedy from Magnolia Pictures. "The Double" stars Jesse Eisenberg as Simon James, a timid man living an isolated existence in an indifferent world until his exact physical double and opposite personality arrives in the form of new co-worker, James Simon.  Directed by cult favorite Richard Ayoade of "Submarine" and television’s “The IT Crowd”, "The Double" promises searing wit and seasoned character actors including Mia Wasikowska and Wallace Shawn.

“The Atlanta Film Festival is not just an opportunity to see amazing independent films but also a chance to meet and interact with the professionals in the film industry who make movie magic happen.  We are thrilled to welcome David Gordon Green to this year’s festival,” said Christopher Escobar, Atlanta Film Festival executive director.  Hot off the heels of the Atlanta Film Festival’s overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to bring more filmmakers to Atlanta, festival goers can expect an immersive film experience with more directors, producers and acting talent attending this year’s event. Escobar added, “We’re also delighted to have 'Joe' and 'The Double' bookend this year’s festival. Unique films like these highlight and reflect the incredible variety that the festival offers.” 

For nearly four decades, the Atlanta Film Festival has presented a myriad of independent films, showcasing the best in emerging local, national and international films. Additional feature length films, shorts and programming for this year’s Atlanta Film Festival will be announced over the coming weeks.  The 38th Annual Atlanta Film Festival runs from March 28 – April 6 2014.  Passes are currently on sale. Discounted student, teacher, senior and military passes are also available.