2014 Screenplay Competition Winners Announced


Out of 352 submissions and 16 finalists, the writers of these three scripts were chosen to participate in a two-day retreat during this year's festival, held at the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center.

2014 Screenplay Winners:

  • Be Normal — Lyvia A. Martinez - Orange, CA
    When a young, Mormon woman finds herself in love with her roommate, she must find the balance between her religion and her feelings, and go through the difficult process of coming out to her family, her friends, and, most importantly, herself.

  • Whatever Happened to Barbara Brown — Lutfu Emre Cicek - Istanbul, Turkey
    “Whatever Happened to Barbara Brown” depicts the past and present ordeals of a young housewife in 1950s Baltimore as she unravels under heavy scrutiny following the disappearance of her husband and his mistress.

  • Rattle the Cage Lane Skye & Ruckus Skye - Atlanta, GA
    Despite his best intentions, Tucker Lawson finds himself locked in a holding cell in the sleepy town of Avery, GA with no I.D. and a few bruises from last night’s mistakes. But being unable to make bail is the least of his problems when a stranger disguised as a deputy kills the Sheriff in cold blood. With nowhere to run, Tucker is forced to play along with the madman’s twisted game or risk setting off a bloody chain of events that will forever scar this once peaceful town.

Thank you to all of our participants and congratulations to our winners! Find out more about the ATLFF Screenwriting competition here.