2nd Annual Fundraising Campaign to Bring Filmmakers to ATLFF 2015 begins

Last year backers of our Kickstarter campaign (people just like you!) contributed nearly $18,000 to support the travel and lodging expenses of 50 filmmakers, jurors, and panelists who otherwise would have had to pay their own way to attend -- or simply not be with us at all.

We believe that strengthening the connection between an artist and an audience through direct interaction is one of the most important things a film festival can do. Filmmakers create the connections by making movies, but when we bring those filmmakers to theaters to meet moviegoers in person, magic happens. 

Become a backer of this project and you'll be responsible for some of that magic. With some of the great rewards we've cooked up, you'll get to experience it too. (Even if you don't live in Atlanta.)