#FestivalCollective Spotlight On: ATLFF 2012's “Pisces of an Unconscious Mind”

Director Gleb Osatinski’s experimental short film Pisces of an Unconscious Mind explores the psychological struggle to resolve the monotony of reality with the obscurity of unreality. Osatinski acknowledges that the film is based loosely on his own life, and in fact attributes the original script to a dream he once had.  

Pisces of an Unconscious Mind represents Osatinski’s debut as a filmmaker; before following his lifelong passion for film and storytelling, he lead a 16-year career on Wall Street in New York City. Originally from Kharkov, Ukraine, Osatinski immigrated to the United States in 1994 following the fall of the Soviet Union. While living in Russia, he graduated with a Master’s in Physics.

While the fantasy of movies and cartoons captivated Osatinski from early childhood, he points to his background in Physics as the foundation for his understanding of successful filmmaking techniques. Perhaps within this personal intersection of the scientific world and the creative one lies the crux of Pisces of an Unconscious Mind as a reflection of Osatinski’s own internal struggles.

Excitingly, Osatinski’s next film will be shot right here in Atlanta. A Sci-Fi short written by a collaboration of scientists and filmmakers, The Quantified Self will tell the story of a family that relies on technology in order to optimize their health and success, complicating their relationships with one-another. Imoto Harney, one of the ATLFF’s own event photographers, is the film’s producer. You can find out more and help support the project on its Kickstarter page.  

You can now watch Pisces of an Unconscious Mind on Film Festival Collective presented by Xfinity.