What would you do for tickets to our Shaun of the Dead / Hot Fuzz double feature?

Santa Claus would cut a b$%^& for some tickets.

Santa Claus would cut a b$%^& for some tickets.

When we finalized our plans for this Monday's Shaun of the Dead / Hot Fuzz double feature and put the tickets on sale for a buck, we knew it was going to sell out. And as of last night, you proved us right.

However, there are still two ways you could score seats to this fun-filled night of zombies, explosions, and ice cream.

Way #1: Show up early to get in the standby line. There are always no-shows at every screening, even one as cool as this. Make sure you've got a single dollar bill in your hot little hand (so things move along as quickly as possible). At 7:45 we'll release all unclaimed seats to the standby line until the theater is full.

If you already have tickets, this is your first warning: we'll sell your seat right out from under you if you don't show up before 7:45 p.m. 

Way #2: Stalk Atlanta art renegades on Twitter. Local guerrilla artist Blockhead has created a special Shaun Blockhead (below) to celebrate the event. Zombie art purveyor @Z_ATL will be hiding that Blockhead (and maybe an extra) somewhere in the metro area this weekend. If you're the scary Edward Snowden type who can sniff a man down from his EXIF data, you would do well to tail this pair (or just follow them on Twitter) until they drop these precious packages. Then just pick those bad boys up and smell the sweet, sweet victory. 

Either way, we'll see you Monday night.