"Texting-friendly" movie theaters: threat or menace?


The idea of "texting friendly" movie theaters/screenings keeps coming. Alamo Drafthouse CEO and Founder Tim League outlines why this is -- and will continue to be -- an absolutely terrible idea. 

 "Real movie fans today are the same now as they were in the '20s, the '70s and any generation.  They want great theatrical presentation, and they want to lose themselves in the movie. This is the very crux of our industry.  Real movie fans can, and actively want to, shut off their devices for two hours to watch a movie regardless of how old they are."

Read the full letter from Tim League.  

Hat tip to Austin360's Matthew Odam, who points out that League offers to enter hand-to-hand combat with a prominent Twitterer (is that a word?) who thinks "second-screen" friendly theaters are a good idea