ATLFF 2013 doc "Zipper" now on iTunes, opening in NYC & LA


We're always happy to tout when our alums do well so we're thrilled to share the news that Amy Nicholson's Zipper opens this weekend at the IFC Center in New York.  According to Amy's site it will also play theaters in Los Angeles at the end of the month. If you missed it at the festival, you can catch it right now on iTunes.

Zipper is a story about greed, politics and the land grab of the century. The film chronicles the battle over an American cultural icon. Small-time ride operator, Eddie Miranda, proudly operates a 38-year-old carnival contraption called the Zipper in the heart of Coney Island’s gritty amusement district. When his rented lot is snatched up by an opportunistic real estate mogul, Eddie and his ride become casualties of a power struggle between the developer and the City of New York over the future of the world-famous destination. Be it an affront to history or simply the path of progress, the spirit of Coney Island is at stake. In an increasingly corporate landscape, where authenticity is often sacrificed in the interest of economic growth, the Zipper may be just the beginning of what is lost.

Congratulations Amy!