Atlanta Area Artists: Ideal Capital Now Accepting 2013 Grant Applications


Idea Capital grants metropolitan Atlanta artists $500 to $2000 each to encourage experimental and investigative art projects. We seek to foster a tone of experimentation in the Atlanta art world.

Idea Capital works toward a support structure to encourage new ideas in art production across all genres of the arts including 

  • visual art
  • dance
  • literature
  • performance
  • digital media
  • music
  • critical writing
  • independent curatorial projects
  • film
  • video

The grant, which is funded entirely by personally meaningful contributions from a wide variety of community members, is to encourage experimentation and investigation by giving artists permission to pursue new ideas. As funding for individual artists from private and government sources has declined, Idea Capital seeks to reassert the role of the artist and to establish a new model for support outside of typical institutional models. 

Emerging artists, as well as established artists and cultural workers, are encouraged to apply for these funds. We are seeking exciting ideas that foster a culture of change and create dialogue.

Eligibility requirements:
Special Travel Grant: Idea Capital supportstravel for one Metro Atlanta‐based artist to further develop his or her artistic practice. We invest up to $2000 to support an artist's travel within the United States or internationally.