Get Buried at The Plaza Nov 8 & 9 with the Buried Alive Film Fest


Oh, wait. Guess I should tell you about Buried Alive.   

Buried Alive is a celebration of horror films in all their varied gory, jump out of your seat, grab your neighbors hand, cover your eyes, yell at the screen, cheer inventive kills, awesomeness. It's a festival curated by horror fans for horror fans. Open your minds a bit if you're not a horror fan, because it's not just an endless array of zombies and slasher flicks. Animation, documentaries, comedies, surreal, experimental, ghosts, serial killers, monsters, shorts, features, it's a little bit of everything.

For the 2012 addition I had the pleasure of serving on the jury. Game, a twisted and hilarious subversion of the damsel in distress trope, was a short I loved so much, it screened at the 2013 Atlanta Film Festival.

That should be enough to convince you, now I can say GO!

Buried Alive Film Fest
November 8 & 9
The Plaza Theatre