Got Your Back: WEEKEND WARRIOR on Indiegogo


Alumni filmmakers Shasha Nakhai and Lyndon Casey are running a crowd-funding campaign for their next film, the short comedy WEEKEND WARRIOR. Set on a non-existent Canadian military base, the film follows Bobby Reddick as he tries to adjust to life in the army, and the friction he encounters when his commanding officer discovers he's abusing the system for his own personal therapy. Shasha's film THE SUGAR BOWL screened at ATLFF in 2012 and Lyndon's film CAPTAIN COULIER (embedded below) screened at the festival in 2009. 

"At its core [Weekend Warrior] is about masculinity, entitlement and the sometimes-ridiculous lengths people will go to for self-improvement. Only in 2013 would somebody think he has the right to enlist in the army and use it for "therapy". However, I don't want to judge my characters quite yet and I hope this film starts a discussion about the role of our military. Is Bobby being disrespectful by enlisting in the army? Or are institutions changing? Will the military change this apathetic young man into something greater?"

Weekend Warrior Indiegogo Campaign
Funding Deadline December 3rd

An aloof Captain becomes restless and argumentative with his focused crew. --Official Selection Sundance 2009, Winner LA Comedy shorts 2009, Winner Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Cinevegas, Rhode Island Film Festival, WSFF,