2013 Atlanta Film Festival Lineup

Opening NightMud

Closing Night The Spectacular Now (GA)

Special Presentations Rectify (GA) Scarred but Smarter: Life n Times of Drivin n Cryin (GA) Faces In The Mirror

Documentary Feature Competition A River Changes Course Blood Brother Magic Camp Mohammed to Maya Rising From Ashes The Institute Zipper: Coney Island's Last Wild Ride Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp Our Nixon

Narrative Feature Competition Not Waving But Drowning Between Us Dead Man's Burden (GA) I Used To Be Darker White Reindeer Big Words A Teacher Tutti Giù - Everybody Sometimes Fall Cinema Six

Pink Peach Interior. Leather Bar. Pit Stop God Loves Uganda Mosquita y Mari Breaking Through (GA) Concussion

Narrative Features A Band of Rogues (GA) Congratulations! (GA) euphonia (GA) Exquisite Corpse Project Flatland and Flatland 2: Sphereland Wolf Chez Upshaw The Suicide Kid Moral Sleaze (GA) Becoming Redwood Breakdown Reward Claire's Cambodia The Brief & Precocious Life of Sabina Rivas The Mansion (GA) Solace (GA) The Discoverers The Sapphires The Brass Teapot

Documentary Features Submit the Documentary (GA) Great Chicken Wing Hunt Everything Will Be Alright Losing LeBron As Goes Janesville Casting By La Source Pride & Joy Venus and Serena Survive and Advance Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself Good Ol' Frieda (GA)

Passport Films 7 Boxes A Secret World Man From The Future

Animation Oh Willy... Old Man Head Over Heels Woody The Event I Am Tom Moody Bear Me Shave It Brother Bite of the Tail Marcel, King of Tervuren Irish Folk Furniture Tailypo Vernal Equinox 

Saturday Morning Cartoons The Gruffalo's Child Krake Bot Strings Pop Bear Me

This is Atlanta Doc Shorts Speakeasy Supper-Club (GA) Out of Stone When the Zombies come The Girl with the Tuba Guidestones Change in the Game

Documentary Shorts Taxidermists April See the Dirt The Verbal Circuits Georgena Terry Horseman (GA) Light Plate The Machine is the People Flexing Muscles

Other Worlds Shorts Record/Play Game Sci-Fly Sol (GA) The Other Side The Dark Revelation Advantageous

Comedy Shorts America 101 Y2GAY Kavinsky Interstellar Intercourse: A Space-Sex Odyssey French Quesadillas Liar Abandoned The Hipster and the Cat Paulie Keep A Tidy Soul Catnip: Egress To Oblivion

Dark Comedy Ringo Her Next Door #PostModem Showstopper Bar Betting (GA)

New Mavericks Female Directors Joyful Girl Social Butterfly Mistakes Were Made Sweet, Sweet Country (GA) Mae and Ashe Sahasi Chori

Touch the Puppet Head! Moonfishing The Narrative of Victor Karloch Yamasong Junk Palace Magic the Gathering: The Musical (GA)

Experimental Shorts Retrocognition I Am MR--America, America In Between Shadows MR--28.IV.81 (Descending Figures) A Million Statues Pop Green Eye Fratello 69 Ceibas: The Well of Representation Londoners Matters of Bioluminescense (GA)

Unconventional Shorts Fresh Piss Tempest in a bedroom The hopper Sacked Josephine and the Roach Visualize Something Beautiful (GA) Conrad Fails at Normal (GA)

Drama 1 Shorts Abgestemplet Asleep LaDonna (GA) Karaoke! Sabbatical Anna et Jerome El Acompanante

Drama 2 Shorts African Race Mobile Homes Blood of Man (GA) Gun Inte bla La Manada

Shorts Playing with Features Sound of Vision Love Scene Daniel Grand Fugue on the Art of Gumbo (GA) I Need a Hero Little Man Kiss Me Kelly (GA) Palbmest The Chef at the Little Washington

Music Videos Circus Heart: Performed by Rebecca Loebe (GA) Rockers: Performed by Orax Smurf: Performed by Two Fingers (GA) Beacon Sun: Performed by Quiet Hounds (GA) Mountain King: Performed by The Kolin Forgetful Assistance: Performed by The Elwins Afterparty: Performed by The Constellations (GA) Chicas En La Ducha: Performed by Hush Hush Cocaine: Performed by PLS PLS featuring Elijah Jones of The Constellations (GA) Go Away: Performed by The Coathangers (GA) Reagan: Performed by Killer Mike (GA) Aldgate Patterns: Performed by Little People Scraps of Paper: Performed by Jeremy Rourke Ludic Chase: Performed by rec.tangle The Beat Comes: Performed by Snowden (GA) Raga in Coolangatta: Performed by Arrested Development (GA) Ojo por diente: Performed by Klaus & Kinski Living: Performed by Arrested Development (GA) Silly Bears: Performed by Akron/Family (GA)

Sound & Vision Experimental Block Exuberant Discord in Motion (GA) Arrastre This Is Not the Film's Title, the True Title is in the Closing Credits Synchrony Well Contested Sites Seed Story

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