The Props Department-An Introduction

March 2nd, 2013 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Limited to 25 students. $50

Location: The SRL Learning Center at 695 Pylant St., Atlanta, GA 30306 Free Parking

Within the art department, the props department is responsible for purchasing, renting, borrowing or creating everything an actor touches - from all those mini-bottles that Denzel Washington's character enjoyed in Flight to the footballs and sports equipment used in The Blind Side to the box of chocolates Forrest Gump ate on a bench in Savannah. Even all those umbrellas, purses, shopping bags, and newspapers under an extra's arm in any movie or TV show are given out by the props dept. But they don't just procure simple things like these, they also have to remove or cover logos on products placed on set, are responsible for the director's chairs at video village, and design and build specialty props like some of the weapons used in the Hunger Games and The Walking Dead and the vegan twinkies that had to be invented for Woody Harrelson to munch on in Zombieland.

Learn about the innate skills needed to work in this department, from your ability to design and build specialty props to your ability to research and shop for often bizarre or period finds, what materials, products, and tools are needed for your basic set kit, and what how the entire art department works as a whole - from their duties and responsibilities to the hierarchy and protocol.

Instructors: Linda Burns - Producer

Brandon Ross - Construction and Puppetry. Credits: Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, Stuff You Should Know, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Center for Puppetry Arts, Home Depot, The History Channel, Lifetime, TLC, USA Network, Bonnaroo Music Festival, Imperial OPA Circus.

Andrew Duncan – Props, Set Design, and Graphic Design. Credits: False River, Sweet Home Alabama, Run Ronnie Run, Remember the Titans, Mama Flora’s Family, Black Dog, Flash, Lawless, Savanahh, Past the Bleachers, Pet Semetary 2.

Laurie Garner – Props and Set Dressing. Credits: Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, A.C.O.D, Flight, Coma, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Standing Up, Revolution, Blues for Willadean, The Change-Up, Teen Wolf, Christmas Cupid, The Little Death.

Alexandra West – Props and Set Dressing. Christmas Cupid, Drop Dead Diva, Blues for Willadean, Wanderlust, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Flight, A.C.O.D.


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