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Short Film Webinar: Lights, Camera, Action!


This webinar will give guidance not only to those interested in directing their own short films, but also to writers, producers, actors, directors of photography and camera crew on how to effectively work with a film’s director in a collaborative effort by gaining a better understanding for the role the director plays; and how to be selective about the projects they work on depending on the director’s attitude, openness to total team involvement and commitment to completing a high-quality film in a set period of time. Specifically, attendees of webinar #4 will learn the following steps it takes to successfully direct a short film:

  • Important directing decisions and preparations to make ahead of starting a short film 
  • How to recruit and select key creative team members who will deliver on the vision you intend for your film 
  • When to be strategic and practical; and when to set boundaries to allow for artistic and visual creative time in every phase of the production 
  • When and how to take constructive feedback from team members and outside, credible sources for the ultimate benefit of the short film 
  • How to balance artistic vision with budgetary limitations

Hand-outs and examples of supporting materials will be provided. As needed, the instructor will also make recommendations for outside reading resources.  See the class overview for a bio of Kathy Cabrera, the instructor.

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