A special message for our members (and those who might like to be members)

Today we're sending out a message to our members encouraging them to renew their memberships for 2014 as part of our Kickstarter campaign. This post contains additional information in long form that we didn't think was appropriate to dump into our members' inboxes. If you're not a member,  you're welcome to check it out to see what we're up to. Our members get year-round invitations to advance screenings and other perks, as well as all-you-can-watch movies at the annual Festival in the Spring.


Hello members! The holidays are here and there's lots going on, but please take a moment to review the handy Q&A below regarding your membership to the Atlanta Film Festival and our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to bring more filmmakers to Atlanta during the 2014 festival.

My membership to ATLFF? I thought that expired / I don't remember signing up.

If you got an email asking you to renew, you're a member of the Atlanta Film Festival. We may have extended your membership or added one to your purchase of a Pass to the festival in 2013 without you realizing it. Hopefully you've been enjoying the privileges of membership, including the advance screenings we've invited you to and the upcoming members-only holiday party.


What's this about fundraising? Kick-what?


Kickstarter is a tool for online fundraising. It uses an all-or-nothing fundraising model to encourage fundraisers to create a realistic campaign, and to offer rewards that will incentivize potential backers to pledge money to the campaign. Many independent filmmakers have used Kickstarter to help pay to make their movies. It's a great tool when used properly.

We're using Kickstarter to supplement our travel budget for visiting filmmakers. A recent decline in travel sponsorship left us with fewer and fewer dollars to support visiting artists, despite the fact that you, the audience, tell us that meeting filmmakers is your favorite aspect of the festival.

We've set a realistic goal of raising $13,000 by December 22nd. Included in the reward structure are festival passes and memberships, so you can renew your membership through 2014, pick up your festival Pass, and support our Kickstarter campaign all in one transaction.


I wasn't planning on buying my pass and renewing my membership until closer to the festival in March. Why should I do it now?

  • Unless you've already renewed in recent months, chances are your membership expires soon. Renewing now will grant you full membership benefits through the end of 2014 as well as all-you-can-watch access to movies at the 2014 Festival in March & April.
  • Renewing through the campaign earmarks those funds for filmmaker travel -- you'll know that your money goes directly to support visiting artists. That also means more cool people you'll get to meet at the festival when you attend.
  • There are perks we're offering through the Kickstarter campaign that you won't be able to get later, including participation in the Backers Jury and an invitation to the Backers Mixer. There are even some upper-level rewards like film concierge service (the programming staff will help you pick movies to see at the festival). 
  • Because of the all-or-nothing nature of Kickstarter, your renewal will help us meet our goal. That will ensure that the festival will get to keep the funds we've already raised. (About $4500 so far.)
  • If you're interested in Kickstarter for a campaign of your own, you'll want to tune in to our backers-only updates with exclusive Kickstarter strategy tips based on our own experiences.
  • Maybe you can talk someone into giving you a 2014 membership as a gift. :)



I don't want to do this online. Can I pledge to the Kickstarter campaign at the holiday party?

Yes, but you'll still need to create a Kickstarter account. We'll have computers at the party and we'll walk you through the process. Then it's high-fives all around for a job well done!

I think I already renewed my membership. Can you check that for me?

Check your email (the one that probably led you here) - your membership expiration date should be there. If you can't find it, email membership@atlantafilmfestival.com


I can't do this right now, but I will renew my membership in the new year. Is that OK?

Of course it is. We realize that now isn't the right time for everyone. When you're ready to renew, you can check out our Passes page for all the details on the different Passes and what you get. Every Pass comes with a 2014 membership.

I have a question you didn't cover here. Can I get some help?

Sure thing! Just email membership@atlantafilmfestival.com and we'll do what we can to help.

Check out the Kickstarter project now and renew your membership.